We sport Sling LDV's (Light Duty Vehicles) and several rollback trucks as well as heavy duty tow & recovery trucks (3-30+ Ton). Our vehicles are serviced frequently and maintained to only the best standards, ensuring that your experience with Sonco Towing  is exceptional!   
FLEET  (Both Branches)   
4 x 4 ton Rollbacks             
1 X 5ton Rollback                                                            
2 x 8 ton Rollbacks  
1 x 10ton Stepdeck                                                                                                                       
1 x 12 ton Rollback
1 x Heavy Duty Recovery Rigs
2 x Medium Recovery Rigs ( for special recoveries , like mud recoveries and recoveries out of rivers/dams
1 x Abnormal 3 axle Lowbed
1 x 4x4 Slingback / Recovery Vehicles
1 x 2x4 Slingback – accident response.
We ensure that all equipment used complies to safety regulations. Our equipment is also maintained to the highest standards and serviced regularly. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, we diligently replace all equipment that is damaged or has run to the end of its safe work cycle ensuring we conform to a high level of safety in our industry
1 x Drill Rig for pole drilling.
1 x Pneumatic drill – pole drilling
2 x Compressors
1 x Forklift